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no-nukes-eur - A FoEE list for the European No Nukes campaign

no-nukes-eur AT

Subject: A FoEE list for the European No Nukes campaign

List informations

Hosted by Friends of the Earth Europe and Friends of the Earth International, the list was established in 2002 to support anti-nuclear campaigning in Europe.

The purpose of the list is to include people who do not have so good access to relevant news in the field, to share info on important events, presentations we made we consider useful. Action and strategy preparation takes place on other levels. Those people who are not 100% antinuclear warriors get antinuclear information.

The list is self-moderated but please ensure that emails stay on topic. Only members may post.

Criteria for subscription are:

- new subscribers have to be known to the administrators,

- or have to be recommended by existing subscribers that are known and trusted by the administrators.

For subscription requests, please use the link on the left.

To send email, please send to:

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